Crypto/Blockchain Savings

Genius sought out to design a store of value. Based on what we’ve seen with the current white-paper we believe it will transform Genius into one of the best crypto/blockchain savings’ tool on the market.

DeFi Liquidity Providers

Are you a liquidity provider? The Genius community has a robust set of tools, resources, and information for liquidity providers and we’d love to get in touch with you – in order to provide liquidity for Genius.

Crypto Investors

Many in crypto are in the space, similar to Wallstreet – for speculative reasons. Let us show you why we believe Genius is one of the strongest and most interesting new products/projects on the market.


Genius dAPP

Unlike a conventional APP, the defi (decentralized finance) space utilizes tools called “dAPPS” – short for decentralized apps. These apps run in the browser and allow you to connect to the contract and utilize its capabilities. We recommend MetaMask as the primary wallet available at

  • Setup Miners (stake your tokens)

  • Cryptographically Secure Connections

  • No Account Needed
  • Access the Auction & Other Tools

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Community Feedback

Some kind words from the amazing community


One significant difference to HEX is that it’s actually pretty obvious this project is being built by developers who have delivered software before.



I have never seen such a detailed and completely thought out impressive white-paper. It seems that Robert and his team have thought of everything.



I can tell we’re at the cusp of something phenomenal, something world-changing. It’s amazing to be a part of the journey over these months.


Why Consider Genius?

Besides being one of the most exciting new ERC20 projects…

Besides being one of the most exciting new projects in the crypto space, Genius is notable for its connections, partnerships and quality. Our developers have worked on Hex, our launch is on 3 full blockchains, our Founder helped Dash get to #3 on global crypto charts, and we’re one of the most audited projects ever developed.

Join the Community

We share a collective passion for changing the world for the better, and we want to hear from you! Even if you’re not sure about the project, confused technically, or need help getting on board – the community is here to help!

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