Hyper-Yield A.I.-based Blockchain Certificate of Deposit

GENIUS Token is the first High-Yield Blockchain Certificate of Deposit utilizing A.I. (artificial intelligence) designed to increase in price and preserve value over time.

THE GENIUS SACRIFICE IS COMPLETE – VISIT Geni.to/sacaudit for the AUDITED blockchain transaction data

All information provided on this website is being provided at the owners’ expense as a service for the GENIUS community. All information on the site is provided based on chat and communications publicly available in the GENIUS telegram and shouldn’t be misconstrued as direct from the GENIUS founder, development team.


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GENIUS Token Pre-Launch Roadmap

The following dates are estimates based on conversations in the public telegram.

Legacy Token Sale

Buy Legacy Genius

3.33x Bonus Dollar for Dollar

The developer is burning any Legacy Genius tokens that users purchase & sacrifice providing an incentive and additional BONUS on the future contract! Visit: https://sacrifice.to for more information.

May 4th, 2022 - June 1st, 2022

Sacrifice Crypto for Bonuses

Secure the lowest, and highest distribution of tokens.

If you believe in the project, code, and community, participate in the sacrifice phase in order to receive a bonus. THE SACRIFICE HAS ENDED! Visit: https://sacrifice.to for more information. Over $110 Million Sacrificed!!!

EST: Mid August 2022

GENIUS Token Launch

Sacrificers receive distribution on/before launch. 

First A.I. Powered High-Yield Blockchain Certificate of Deposit fully launched! According to dev will be multiple audits.

What is GENIUS Token?

GENIUS is an Ethereum- and PulseChain (and possibly Binance Smart Contract) based smart contract, designed with A.I to sefl-regulate and increase in value for its users over time. It is immutable (cannot be changed) and has no admin key (cannot be exploited by any human privilege).

GENIUS is designed to enforce a positive, healthy, and democratic financial market by defending its value from negative market activities. This is done by incentivizing users to “lock away” their value for a length of time promised by the end user with incentives and math that automatically adjusts based on market timing and trading conditions through it’s built in Ariticial Intelligence.

  • Ethereum & Pulsechain
  • Staking/Mining
  • A.I. Built In
  • Stakers Receive Inflation
  • Negative Price Protection
  • Amazing Community
  • No Penalty Staking
  • 90% Cheaper Unstake Fees


April 2022
Community Growth Begins
May 2022
Sacrifice Phase Launch
June 2022
Sacrifice Ends
July 2022
Contract Finish Audits Begin
August 2022
Estimated Launch

Genius Token News

  • Total Shares and Genius Tokens Staked for Mining % are values that are impossible to forecast; however, these values can be obtained from the Smart Contract once launched

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  • Want to win a brand new PS5? We’re doing a massive giveaway of a brand new PS5 for those that are most active in the community: https://gleam.io/7Ipzx/genius-playstation-5-giveaway Genius Playstation 5 Giveaway

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  • The echo chamber effect occurs online when a harmonious group of people mingles and develops tunnel vision. Participants in online discussions may find their opinions constantly echoed back to them, reinforcing their belief systems due to the declining exposure to other’s views. Thus, an echo chamber occurs when beliefs are reflected through communication and repetition inside a closed

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