Designed from the Ground Up to Be the Blockchain’s Best:

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Genius was designed from the ground up to minimize volatility & become the blockchain’s greatest store of value.

Genius is an Ethereum, Binance Smart Contract, and Pulsechain smart contract and corresponding token, designed with a number of features and functions that help prevent it from undergoing the lows of market sell-offs, avoid the waves of heavy trading and manipulation. This is done by incentivizing users to “lock away” their value for a length of time promised by the end user with incentives and math that automatically adjusts based on market timing and trading conditions through its built in end-stake algorithms (A.I.).

5+ Years in Development
2 Years in R&D
7 Solidity Developers
Security Audits

Trustless, Hyper-Performing Passive Income

How does genius work?

As community members know, Genius is unlike any other web 3 project right now. Some notables that got us to this point:

By strategically incorporating the golden ratio number Phi (Φ) as a calculation of annual inflation, rewards and penalties paid to stake-holders, and daily minimum share rate increases, the smart contract rewards its users while relieving selling pressure through advanced mechanisms detailed below. This golden ratio is a mathematical representation of natural growth and expansion by all natural reproductive processes and events in Nature from star systems to human bodies. Computer simulations of the Genius annual inflation model (Φ³) along with it’s amplified reward system show phenomenal models of organic growth.

An algorithm (AI) built into the contract constantly monitoring the state of end user commitments to adjust mining rewards in the case of a wave of commitment changes (e.g. such as stakers ending their stakes early during times of market dips).

Simple Mining is meant to simulate a “low risk, low reward” scenario, and Advanced Mining aims to simulate a “high risk, high reward” situation. In both policies, the “risk” is the likelihood that the Genius Miner must prematurely end their mining for matters such as a personal or financial emergency.

Ability to fulfill others’ promises (stakes/mines) and receive a reduced entry point, higher effective ROI, while also providing liquidity to those that would have to otherwise break their commitment.

What is Pulsechain?

A Complete System-State Fork of the Ethereum Network. The new blockchain network will launch with every coin and every user’s address copied and available on PulseChain upon launch to allow for a more robust environment and extremely lower gas fees!

The launch of PulseChain is the largest airdrop in history. Thousands of Ethereum based tokens and NFTs receive their free PulseChain versions, essentially doubling all your coins with the click of a button to change network settings within a non-custodial wallet.

Buying on Pulsechain is not yet available, as the network has yet to launch. If you HAVE Legacy Genius and Mint the future Genius, and stake there are a few scenarios the community may go through in order to migrate to Pulse.

  1. A copy of the existing state of the Ethereum contract is moved over 100% to Pulse. This means all coins, stakes (miners), etc. will be copied when Pulse takes a snapshot of the Ethereum Network.
  2. Users MAY be airdropped their coins from the sacrifice or launch date (this will apply if for some reason Genius is excluded from the Pulse Ethereum state copy).

What is BSC?

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Binance Smart Chain (BSC), is a proof of stake Blockchain network, similar in some nature to Ethereum and Pulsechain.

Genius will be launched on BSC, making it one of the few extremely well backed crypto projects in the BSC space (which is plagued with meme coins). However, in our work with the larger crypto community we noticed that most actual commerce is done on BSC via BNB or BUSDC as Binance has the absolute lowest rates for transactions.

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Buying on BSC

Buying on Binance Smart Chain is available today via Pancake Swap and other BSC dex’s (decentralized exchanges). As we the community adds more exchanges, more will be listed here.

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What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is the 900 pound gorilla in the crypto world – only behind Bitcoin in terms of market cap. Ethereum is essentially the substrate within which projects are developed. You can think of it as an Operating System for crypto -or like some of the Genius team like to refer to it – like well developed land – atop which the new decentralized financial system is being built. Ethereum, unlike Bitcoin is infinitely more capable, with a full turing-complete programming language – “solidity” which allows developers to do amazing things with transactions.

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Buy Legacy Genius

You can buy Legacy Genius on Ethereum today. All Legacy Genius can be minted on days 1-4 for a 1000x bonus for the final Genius Token. For more details check out the white-paper.

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The Team

Robert Genito

Robert Genito is a Florida-based entrepreneur, who has been responsible for a number of companies in the crypto and financial space throughout the last decade.

Genius Mobile dAPP

Genius works through a browser based decentralized application (DAPP). To access your tokens, setup miners, and do more, you’ll need a Web 3 compatible wallet. We recommend Meta Mask.

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