Genius functions like a traditional banking Certificate of Deposit, except it is on the blockchain, in the full control of the end user, and artificial intelligence (A.I.) operates its reward structure. Furthermore, it is immune to human corruption and biased bureaucracy. “Genius” is the first hyper-yield A.I. blockchain Certificate of Deposit designed to appreciate in value.

Similar to Bitcoin Mining, the newly minted Genius Tokens are only paid out to those who are mining for Genius Token. With Bitcoin Mining, you need to purchase expensive mining equipment, use lots of electricity, and trust a mining pool. With Genius Mining, all you need is the Genius Token and to create a dedicated pledge (promise) to generate passive income. Unlike with Bitcoin Mining, Genius Mining has no need for expensive equipment and useless computations that ultimately burn through electricity.

Tokens like GENIUS, that are specifically designed and programed to increase in value over time is what HEX proved possible. And not only is this genius tokenomic possible, but it has been extremely rewarding for many investors and will continue to be valuable. This is clearly the protocol of the future that defines how we store value.

HEX did incredible during both bull and bear markets. Genius builds upon this success through several mechanics that lessen the token’s selling pressure. The Genius smart contract has an integral artificial intelligence process that determines the likeliness that a user will want to break their promise and adjusts their rewards to entice users to stick to their promises. In doing so, Genius is designed to protect its users from the effects of market manipulation and market conditions.

“Change isn’t what we need, progress is.
Disruption isn’t what we need, progress is.”
Richard Heart, sciVive

Genius mechanics are focused on the important fundamentals that matter in any store-of value token. By strategically incorporating the golden ratio number Phi (Φ) as a calculation of annual inflation, rewards and penalties paid to stake-holders, and daily minimum share rate increases, the smart contract rewards its users while relieving selling pressure through advanced mechanisms mentioned above. This golden ratio is a mathematical representation of natural growth and expansion by all natural reproductive processes and events in Nature from stars systems to human bodies. Computer simulations of the Genius annual inflation model (Φ³) along with it’s amplified reward system show phenomenal models of organic growth.

Excitement has been building within the GENI community and the philosophy within the GENI community is not one of competition but of cooperation. According to Genius founder, Robert Genito, cooperation and collaboration is a lacking component in the world of cryptocurrency, and that focusing on working together, instead of in conflict, will solve many of the field’s larger problems:

“You can market all you want, but the world we live in is based on cooperation. We must coordinate our efforts together, and the crypto companies and leaders who lack cooperation are where you find crypto embezzlement, large-scale hacks, the need for new business angels/pivots (ie: Circle), or services that become stale and less useful.”

Through community effort and a core team of developers, the GENI website, it’s Sacrifice phase, white-paper and multiple audits are being finalized while the tokenomics have been developed and perfected over the last year.

Tokenomics 101:

  • Initial Supply: approximately 240 Billion (240,000,000,000) tokens. These will all be airdropped.
  • At the maximum, an additional 14.5% of the Initial Supply, or 35 Billion (35,000,000,000) can be minted from holders of the Legacy GENI contract token. The Legacy contract’s Ethereum / Pulse Chain address is: 0xaac1abdb4fb7a91a0e2e036dfacc45f708ed6a39
  • Approximate Annual Inflation: 4.236% (Φ³)
  • Inflation Rewards are only given to miners. Inflation is paid out to stake holders on a daily basis.
  • Deflation Mechanics (“Burning”) are triggered any time the end user modifies an Incentive Promise: harvesting rewards early, collecting their Stake early or late, auctioning a stake for value finality, etc. Burning does not affect the calculation for annual inflation. Initial Token Distribution: The initial supply of Genius will be airdropped to Sacrifice participants. A total of 240 Billion (240,000,000,000) Genius Tokens will be distributed at the initial token distribution. For more information about the Sacrifice Phase, visit: Legacy GENI token holders can, and should, participate in the Sacrifice to receive the Initial Token Distribution. There is a massive bonus for Sacrificing Legacy GENI, and this bonus is in place to get Legacy GENI out of circulation in favor of the new Official Genius smart contract. Legacy GENI tokens can be acquired from Uniswap. Use this web link to automatically import and swap for Legacy GENI:

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