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8/23/2022 Updates

In this I’m going to cover a number of things:

  • Audit(s)
  • Launch
  • LP & Decentralization
  • Marketing

Genius Audits

For a fuller breakdown/perspective read my previous articles on audits and the state of audits in the larger crypto industry here and here.

By proactively working with independent security auditors, it allowed me and the developers to build Genius with security in mind at every step. It’s placed us on the ultimate path for security responsibility and security planning for the next steps to engage with a company that is 100% dedicated to exposing security vulnerabilities, 100% trusted by the community, and with plenty of experience in the highly specialized Decentralized Finance revolution.

First the really big news — the Genius contract’s implementation is finished!

Yes, it’s done, but there are still some additional steps required prior to launch when it comes to security concerns and lowering the transactional costs for Genius users.

As I’ve hinted at before — with the graphics on my posts, one of the firms we’ve selected to do the security audit is Certik. Certik is now fully engaged, actively doing what they do to on-board Genius, and conducting their research into Genius’s security and potential vulnerabilities. This is the final stage of the Genius smart contract before the official Genius DAPP will be launched. Throughout this process (as I’ve mentioned a number of times on the previous posts) I fully expected us to be engaged with auditors months ago, but their queues, timelines and processes have been challenging to navigate. However, I have been in constant contact with all companies, and recently Genius’s Certik rep assured me that the review would begin immediately

One of the parts of Certik that I love, is that they have their “onboarding clients” on their homepage — showing who’s coming on board. So check their website often for updates. When we’re in the queue it’ll be helpful for the community to review our Certik page and then vote on it (similar to our awesome community work with PulseLife.Info and other voting sites where getting as much feedback is helpful from a listing perspective).

While the audit is happening, the dev team will be fixing any bugs found and doing gas optimization on things that will not affect the auditor’s results — however, Certik will absolutely re-audit before we launch with the live contract code. We are putting as many eyes on Genius as possible.

Furthermore, the DAPP team will be finishing the first version of the DAPP’s interface — the teams primary work through launch.


A few weeks ago I was afraid we may need to push back the launch date. But, after we’ve been able to push through some of the challenges we’ve encountered over the last couple weeks (and effectively received a final date for security audit) the time horizon is looking much better.

What are the chances that the launch date will get delayed past Sept 9th?

I think the chances are less than 20% that we don’t hit our launch date of Sept 9th. Chances are dropping with the recent developments, and that’s nice. Furthermore, the independent security auditor has been one of the best investments for development. Because of their efforts, it’s likely that no critical or concerning security issues will be found.

Either way, I think it’s a great opportunity — and a good idea — to invest development time for ANY Certik audit issues found, even if they’re minor.

Liquidity Providing & Decentralization

The community’s efforts to onboard Liquidity Providers has been phenomenal. As far as I know we have more Liquidity Providers in number and amount (at launch) than any project I’ve ever seen. 50+ LPs have registered and committed with the community, and this is absolutely unheard of for a brand new project!

We’ve had a number of larger entities (large investors, family offices, etc.) that have also expressed interest and I’m hoping the start of our external audits will be the

The coming weeks are PRIME TIME for on-boarding Liquidity Providers and large Genius investors / investment firms / family offices. Everything we’ve done underscores that the community has put down *SERIOUS* money on securing Genius (in ADDITION to all of the time and development resources getting this secured).


As many have seen, we’ve been growing like crazy, with some of the first influencers mentioning us, the community absolutely killing it on Pulse ranking sites, and the continual, explosive growth within our community.

If we keep this pace up we could be up around 10,000 users by the end of September. In talking to others with marketing experience in the larger crypto space (some of which are in our community) we are growing smoothly. Over the last decade, I’ve seen so many projects launch with a huge initial pump, but they simply didn’t have the tools or organization–or the great product!–to sustain their growth. I believe Genius checks off all of the requirements. This sentiment was also shared with me by a number of experts in crypto marketing. Our slower, sustainable growth has been phenomenal (our LP count alone is a perfect example of the tremendous support Genius is receiving from the community at large) and is a key to our success.

Additionally, I have more good news for the community.

There are a few key community members that have taken it upon themselves to assist in marketing, but we need EVERYONE’S help. The $500 USDC giveaway for the most invites on telegram is a great first step towards this.

I encourage anyone/everyone to reach out to their networks, share our project, and get involved in our open marketing chat:

Let’s show the world what Genius has to offer! Let’s melt faces! :)

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