How it Works

What is GENIUS Token?

GENIUS is an Ethereum, PulseChain and Binance Smart Contract based smart contract, designed with A.I to self-regulate and increase in value for its users over time. It is immutable (cannot be changed) and has no admin key (cannot be exploited by any human privilege).

With Genius, the founder & crypto-luminary, Robert Genito set out to solve one big problem in the area of computing and digital currencies–can a store of value be programmed? The answer was yes, and took roughly 5 years of research and development (R&D). This new cryptocurrency solution has far-reaching implications in the worlds of money, transactions, and computing. Now there is an asset designed from the ground up – that is virtually impervious to day-trading and market-sell offs.

Ethereum & Pulsechain


A.I. Built In

Stakers Receive Inflation

Negative Price Protection

Amazing Community

No Penalty Staking

90% Cheaper Unstake Fees


Genius is a decentralized smart contract. It is a piece of software that runs on a smart blockchain. Therefore, it is not possible for any single person or entity to own, control, or financially benefit from Genius. Genius is entirely operated by the actions of its voluntary end users.

Security & Financial Audits

Both independent and third-party. Top Crypto Security Auditors in the industry. Genius Sacrifice Balance fully audited and aptly presented as a testament to the team’s planning and execution.

First Legacy Token

Genius introduced the first pre-launch “placeholder” token idea in order to solve the chicken and egg scenario of liquidity. This has been a huge success, despite its hurdles in terms of communication and novelty.

Why Mine Genius?

Store of Value and Generating Passive Income…

Unlike Bitcoin Mining, Genius Mining does not need expensive equipment and useless computations that ultimately burn through electricity. It is being built on the most environmentally friendly crypto platforms, and can–in the future–be deployed to other such layer 1 solutions.

Join the Community

We share a collective passion for changing the world for the better, and we want to hear from you! Even if you’re not sure about the project, confused technically, or need help getting on board – the community is here to help!

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