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Blockchain Savings

The Genius token can be used to store value (save) and generate passive income over a period of time. This is done by “Genius Mining”. Similar to Bitcoin Mining, the new Genius tokens are only paid out to those who are mining for (or staking) Genius tokens. With Bitcoin Mining, you need to purchase expensive mining equipment, use lots of electricity, and trust a mining pool. All that disappears with Genius, as it’s built on multiple layer 1 blockchains, providing an environment that has much lower barriers to entry and better security.

Mining For Genius Token

To mine for Genius token, you will use the DAPP software to create a Genius Miner. You can also think of the “Miner” as a type of Incentive Promise that generates and accumulates rewards (via Reward Shares) during the promise period. Reward Shares allow Genius Miners to receive Rewards of extra GENI every day. When you mine for Genius, the DAPP software will invoke a function of the Genius smart contract to commit your GENI for a period of days.

Behind the scenes, the contract’s math and programming logic ensures that the commitments made by the end users are fulfilled. This is done by dynamically lowering the Mining rewards via penalties for advanced miners and implementing strategic, and well-known to the end user, blackout periods where simple miner commitments cannot be ended early. Genius is effectively monetizing time, attention, and one’s dedication to their commitment over time.

Average annual returns for Simple Genius Miners are ~9.9%
Average Annual Returns for Advanced Genius Miners ~32.1%
Annual Inflation (φ^3) ~4.236%

Built-in AI Functionality

Genius has been designed to mitigate human corruption and biased bureaucracy. Genius is the first hyper-yield A.I. blockchain Certificate of Deposit that intends to appreciate. Genius will be used by end users to generate passive income. An A.I. layer continuously monitors the end users’ actions and reevaluates incentives for the benefit of end users who keep their promises. With Genius, your time (attention) and your intentions (promises) are reflected as value. In other words, Genius’s internal artificial intelligence constantly considers the end users’ actions, evaluates the likeliness that a user will break their promise(s), and adjusts the reward incentives to entice users to stick to their original promises. In layman’s terms: Genius is also designed to protect its users from the effects of market manipulation, negative market conditions, and human greed and impatience.

~61.8% (1/φ) of penalties are distributed to Advanced Miners
~23.6% (φ^-3) of penalties will remain out of circulation
~14.6% (φ^-4) of penalties are sent to the Origin Address

Genius is Decentralized Banking

Truly Designed For the People…

Instead of issuing inflation via complex and hidden tools like quantitative easing, Genius issues its inflation consistently and only to miners/stakers instead of flowing to the people at the top of the financial system as is done in Central Banking.